20th of March 2018 05:57 PM
The Armchair Head Banger \m/ 100th show kicks off in a few minutes on THRS Radio. Tune in now to spend the next hour rock’n out with with Wanga tha Banga.!!!
19th of March 2018 08:53 PM Link
The Armchair Head Banger \m/ has been one of our BIGGEST supporters, and tomorrow marks his 100th show. Follow the link and tune in for what we’re sure will be an awesome show..
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1st of March 2018 01:05 PM
RSB Album update - March 1: One song done, and it's an absolute cracker.
We know you're all gonna love the new material. #Redstarborn #newalbum #pariah
13th of January 2018 08:27 PM Link
Hi all,
Well, we've been a little quiet of late, as it's been a busy year for each of us. But, it's now 2018 and things are revving back up at RSB HQ. We've got the last song for the album written and it's a right little corka'. I finally got some time to throw some drum tracks down today and I have to say it's exciting stuff. So here's a short snippet for your viewing pleasure.
Matt \m/
25th of December 2017 07:26 PM Link
From our family to yours, Merry Christmas. Let's kick 2018's arse. 🎅🌲🎸🍻
6th of October 2017 03:46 PM Link
Happy World Guitar Day everyone!

Here's Dan's stable of Charvel electrics and Godin acoustics that we're using on the new album. Now we wanna see what you've got.. either your whole damn collection or just your favourite axe and its story. Send us some guitar porn 🙂 Show us your Guits!!

#WorldGuitarDay #Charvel #Godin
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16th of September 2017 05:08 PM Link
16th of September 2017 04:30 PM Link
Days of letting go live at Wallapalooza
16th of September 2017 11:03 AM Link
T minus 60minutes... get on it..!!!!!
15th of September 2017 08:56 AM Link
We are all busy with life these days it's true but regardless of your commitments this weekend the mighty wallapalooza has a window for you.
Still another 3 days left at the wallaby hotel full of awesome bands and everyday is free
So pick a time that works for you
Drop in and check out the action regardless of who is on and be part of the best festival on the the goldy and cause it's free why not buy some merch and help keep this event going for years to come.
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